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Governor Bobadilla and Columbus to Castile

After the investigation in which the bad habits of the admiral Christopher Columbus and his brothers in government were made very clear, Bobadilla set about his task without further delay. He tried to normalize relations between the Spaniards and the Spanish government by granting everything in his power so that

Bartholomew Columbus, the admiral’s younger brother

Born: 1461 in Genoa, Italy? Death: 1514 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Burial: San Francisco Monastery in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Charges: - Navigator, discoverer and cartographer. - Adelantado of the Indies and governor of Spain. Most relevant facts: - He toured several European courts seeking support for Christobal Columbus project. - He battled on the Spanish island

Pedro Margarit ignores Columbus

Columbus before departing on his journey of search of the mainland left orders to his brother Diego and to the Aragonese captain Pedro Margarit of what should have been done while he was out. The captain was instructed by the captain to parade through Hispaniola causing as much jalousy as possible

Diego Columbus, son of the Admiral

Born: Diego Columbus born in Porto Santo (Portugal) in 1479 or 1480. Death: Diego Columbus died in 1526 in La Puebla de Montalbán (Toledo-Spain).   Charges: - Admiral and Governor of Indies in 1509 and Viceroy in 1511 by order of the Royal Council. - Son of the discoverer Christopher Columbus from whom he inherited

Preparations for the first voyage of discovery

On May 12th, 1492 Christopher Columbus departed from Granada in the direction of Palos, a place chosen for the departure since the Cadiz port was practically collapsed by the departure of Jews decreed by the Catholic Kings few days before. The other reason it was chosen is because it was

Christopher Columbus in Barcelona

Before arriving Christopher Columbus in Spain he was already thoroughly preparing how to expose his supposed successes in his journey of discovery of the new routes to Indias. To this end, he began by writing letters to his main sponsors: the Catholic Kings, to the notary public, the scribe Luis

Funding of the Columbian project

Cristopher Columbus had to seek funding for his project, but he was not only seeking financial resources, also the support of some political power that would give him legitimacy, exclusivity and power to execute his plans. Hence, he turned to the most important European kings of the time to ask

Christopher Columbus’ project

The Cristobal Columbus was none other than to find a new route that reached the coasts of the Asian continent by sailing westwards, that is, crossing the Atlantic Ocean, in those times better known as the Oceans Sea or the Dark Sea. Fall of Constantinople The reason for the search for these

Christopher Columbus’ fifth and final voyage

Christopher Columbus made up to four trips before 1506 between Castile and the newly discovered territories. The first of these trips was the one known by all of Discovery in which they departed from Palos de La Frontera on August 3th, 1492 with 3 ships and 100 crew members returning

The investigation against Columbus brothers

Despite the fact that the facts attributed to the Columbus were sufficient in themselves for his trial, Bobadilla continued with the investigations to clarify other matters of great concern to the Catholic Kings. To this end, some twenty witnesses from different parts of the Hispaniola island were chosen, both friends

Colón arrested and jailed by Bobadilla

We leave Christopher Columbus with the concern of the arrival of Ojeda to the west coast of la Española. He sent his warden Francisco de Roldán to ask him for explanations and to invite him to take his feet off the island. What he didn't know is that other expeditions