Biography of Francisco de Bobadilla

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Nacimiento: Aragón (Spain) 1450 approximately.

Death: 1502 near the coast of Hispaniola. The boat I was returning to Spain on was shipwrecked by a hurricane.


– Officer of the Royal House and Knight of the Order of Calatrava.

– In 1499, he was appointed governor and judge of the Hispaniola island to replace Christopher Columbus, beginning to hold this post in August 1500.

Most relevant facts:

– He investigated the Roland rebellion and its causes.

– He dismissed Christopher Columbus as governor of Hispaniola and imprisoned him, sending him to Spain for trial.

– He tried to put order in the tributes and finances of the island after the chaos generated by the Columbus.

– He investigated and detailed in his research all the crimes and disobediences committed by the Columbus.

Other data of interest:

– After fulfilling his duty, he left power by royal order in the hands of Nicolás de Ovando in 1502. Some historians have tried to belittle him for the bad treatment he gave to the Columbus, but he acted fairly and effectively.

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