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The Burgos Laws of 1512

As I already mentioned in the entry on the Request in the Spanish crown, serious concerns had arisen about the ill-treatment of some encomenderos against the Indians. These facts would delegitimize the conquest and colonization of the new lands, since this legitimation was based on the papal bulls of

Pedro Margarit ignores Columbus

Columbus before departing on his journey of search of the mainland left orders to his brother Diego and to the Aragonese captain Pedro Margarit of what should have been done while he was out. The captain was instructed by the captain to parade through Hispaniola causing as much jalousy as possible

Attempted rebellion in Isabela

With the news brought by Alonso de Ojeda and Gorbalán Christopher Columbus was calmer, it seemed that his plans were taking shape in spite of the fact that he did not yet see a single sign of what was seen and narrated by Marco Polo in his stories of the

The Granada war (II)

In 1484 Cordoba became the centre of operations of the Castilian armies in the Granada War. These armies had a magnificent organization that covered their most important needs, such as the supply, maintenance of artillery pieces, a true military health service where wounded soldiers, military engineers, pontoneros and masons who

The Granada War (I)

O After the reign of Henry IV, in which there were no great advances in the so-called Reconquest, the Catholic Monarchs re-launched the project of defeating the Muslims and religiously unifying the Iberian peninsula. After approximately eight hundred years of hostilities and periods of peace, the Nazari­es ruled in the south-southeastern part

Rebellion of Roldán (and III)

As I mentioned in the previous entry, Roldán's followers waited in the Xaragua for the caravels promised by the admiral to return to Castile, but they did not arrive until April 1499. This delay was due to a series of storms that they encountered on their way from Santo Domingo,

Treaty of Tordesillas, the distribution of the world

While Christopher Columbus was sailing in search of the firm land in Castile, one of the most important events in American history took place: the signing of the Treaty of Tordesillas. Need to delimit the areas of influence The Catholic Monarchs immediately needed to give juridical soundness to the discovery that was