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Return from Columbus’ first voyage

On January 16th, 1493 the fleet departed from Hispaniola Island to Spain. The route went north and northeast for twenty days, until February 4th when the admiral ordered a turn to the east, since it had reached the parallel of the Azores and from here the winds would be favorable. The

Discovering a new world

After the first contact with the land and with some natives, the ships began a journey through all the small islands that were found. They did not believe what they saw, that must have been the closest thing to the paraíso: blue waters, white beaches and lush vegetation. They sailed

The Discovery of America – Columbus’s First Journey

The Discovery of America took place on October 12th,1492 during the first Christopher Columbus trip to American lands. Although the real intention of this trip was to find a sea route to Asia and have direct access to its markets eventually became one of the greatest feats of world history.