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Treaty of Tordesillas, the distribution of the world

While Christopher Columbus was sailing in search of the firm land in Castile, one of the most important events in American history took place: the signing of the Treaty of Tordesillas. Need to delimit the areas of influence The Catholic Monarchs immediately needed to give juridical soundness to the discovery that was

Third voyage of Columbus and discovery of the american continent

Columbus wanted to return quickly from Spain. He was also concerned about the general shortage of supplies on the island, which could lead to further rebellions and uprisings. To avoid these problems, he was able to overtake two ships in January 1498 under the command of Pedro Hernández Coronel that

La Isabela, first city of the New World

The second voyage of Columbus to the New World was terribly disappointed to find the Fuerte Navidad destroyed and his men killed by the natives. Columbus thought that when they arrived they would find much of the work already done: establishing economic and personal relations with the natives, searching for

Columbus’ second journey to America

The fleet of seventeen ships departed from the bay of Cádiz at dawn of September 25th,1493, heading for the Canary Islands where they had planned to make a stop to replenish water, feed and collect some animals. On October 2th they arrived in Gran Canaria and on October 5th they

The Capitulations of Santa Fe

April 17th,1492 the capitulations of Santa Fe are so called because they were signed in the Granada town of Santa Fe, Christian headquarters during the siege of the Catholic Kings against the last vestige of Muslim power in the Peninsula. The capitulations were a contract signed between the monarchs and individuals