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The Indianan Doubt

The Indian doubt is the crisis of conscience that assailed the Spanish kings Carlos I and Felipe II in the mid-sixteenth century about the legitimacy or not of the conquest of America and the maintenance of their sovereignty in those territories.  In the same way, it also subjected to analysis

Biography of Blasco Núñez de Vela

Biography of Blasco Núñez de Vela Location of birth: Blasco Núñez de Vela was born in 1495 in Ávila (Spain) Location of death: Blasco Núñez de Vela died on January 18th,1546 in Quito (Virreinato del Perú). Positions held: - Corregidor of Málaga and Cuenca. - Gentleman of the Order of Santiago. - First captain general of the Indian

Biography of Gonzalo Pizarro

Biography of Gonzalo Pizarro Location of birth: Gonzalo Pizarro was born in 1510 in Trujillo (Cáceres - Spain) Location of death: Gonzalo Pizarro died on April 10,1548 in Cuzco, Peru. Positions held: - Governor of Quito from 1540 to 1542. - Lieutenant governor general of Cuzco in 1544. - Governor of Peru from 1544 to 1548. - Encomendero en

Fernando Magallanes Biography

Fernando Magallanes Biography Location of birth: Fernando de Magallanes was born in 1480 in Sabrosa (Porto - Portugal). Location of death and burial site: - Fernando Magallanes died on April 27,1521 on the island of Mactan (Philippines) in a military action against some natives. His remains are lost. Exercised charges: - Fernando Magallanes was a Portuguese