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Biography of Blasco Núñez de Vela

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Virrey del Perú Blasco Núñez de Vela
First Perú Viceroy Blasco Núñez de Vela

Biography of Blasco Núñez de Vela

Location of birth:

Blasco Núñez de Vela was born in 1495 in Ávila (Spain)

Location of death:

Blasco Núñez de Vela died on January 18th,1546 in Quito (Virreinato del Perú).

Positions held:

– Corregidor of Málaga and Cuenca.

– Gentleman of the Order of Santiago.

– First captain general of the Indian Fleet in 1537.

– First viceroy of Peru in 1543.

Most relevant facts starring Blasco Núñez de Vela:

– When he was appointed the first viceroy of Peru, he was responsible for the implementation of the controversial New Indian Laws of Carlos I.

– He arrived in Lima on May 15,1544, where he enacted such laws under general discontent.

– There was the rebellion of the commanders-headed by Gonzalo Pizarro, brother of the conquistador Francisco Pizarro, who was appointed Attorney General of Peru in Cuzco and formed an army to drive out the viceroy.

– On September 18,1544 the Royal Court of Lima, which took part in favor of the rebels, tried and sentenced the viceroy to prison, deposing him from his position. He was shipped to Panama to return to Spain from there.

– But Blasco Núñez de Vela did not surrender, but managed to disembark in Tumbes and form an army to confront Pizarro.

– The meeting took place near Quito, in the battle of Añaquito, where the viceroy fell and was beheaded in the same place.

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