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Religious unity: the expulsion of Jews

At the end of the 15th century in Spain, the three great monotheistic religions coexisted together: Christianity, Judaism and Islamism. The conditions imposed on Muslims after losing the war of Granada allowed them to maintain their cults and customs in a climate of supposed religious tolerance. However, not only was

Fernando II of Aragon, the Catholic King

Nacimiento: March 10th,1452 in Sos (Zaragoza, Spain). Death: 23 January 1516 in Madrigalejo (Cáceres, Spain). Charges: - King of Aragon from 1479 to 1516. - King of Castile between 1474 and 1504. - Regent of Castile after the death of his wife Isabel I of Castile between 1504 and 1516. - King of Sicily and Naples

Juan de la Cosa, first cartographer of America

Born: 1450-1460 in Santoña, Cantabria - Spain. Death: 28 February 1510 in Turbaco ( present Colombia). Burial: Unknown. He died when he was wounded by poisoned arrows fired by the natives of this Colombian area. Charges: - Spanish navigator, cartographer and adventurer. - Spy for the Spanish crown in Portugal. - Appointed Mayor Marshal of Urabá but

Santo Domingo de Guzmán

- Founding date: 1498. - Founder: Bartholomew Columbus, brother of the Admiral. - Category: Capital of the Dominican Republic. - Current population: 3,000,000 inhabitants. - The Spaniards settlers in their quest to find gold mines moved from the Isabela to the south across the island of Hispaniola and found several of these

Bartholomew Columbus, the admiral’s younger brother

Born: 1461 in Genoa, Italy? Death: 1514 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Burial: San Francisco Monastery in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Charges: - Navigator, discoverer and cartographer. - Adelantado of the Indies and governor of Spain. Most relevant facts: - He toured several European courts seeking support for Christobal Columbus project. - He battled on the Spanish island

More voyages of discovery… Andalusian journeys

In addition to that first voyage of Alonso de Ojeda and Juan de la Cosa in 1499, several expeditions, called minor or Andalusian journeys, promoted by the crown but financed by private capital whose objective was to recognize and to trade in the coasts travelled by Columbus in his third

Strength of the Conception

Transcendence of the site: First and most important fortress built by the Spaniards until the construction of the Ozama in 1502 in Santo Domingo. It was a strategic location in the Spanish expansion through the island of Haiti­. What happened here?  The Spanish conquistadors in their advance through the new lands found

Pedro Margarit ignores Columbus

Columbus before departing on his journey of search of the mainland left orders to his brother Diego and to the Aragonese captain Pedro Margarit of what should have been done while he was out. The captain was instructed by the captain to parade through Hispaniola causing as much jalousy as possible

Attempted rebellion in Isabela

With the news brought by Alonso de Ojeda and Gorbalán Christopher Columbus was calmer, it seemed that his plans were taking shape in spite of the fact that he did not yet see a single sign of what was seen and narrated by Marco Polo in his stories of the

The Granada war (II)

In 1484 Cordoba became the centre of operations of the Castilian armies in the Granada War. These armies had a magnificent organization that covered their most important needs, such as the supply, maintenance of artillery pieces, a true military health service where wounded soldiers, military engineers, pontoneros and masons who

The Granada War (I)

O After the reign of Henry IV, in which there were no great advances in the so-called Reconquest, the Catholic Monarchs re-launched the project of defeating the Muslims and religiously unifying the Iberian peninsula. After approximately eight hundred years of hostilities and periods of peace, the Nazari­es ruled in the south-southeastern part

Isabel of Castile Biography

Birth: April 22,1451 in Madrigal de las Altas Torres (Ávila, Spain). Death: November 26,1504 in Medina del Campo (Valladolid, Spain). Charges: - Queen of Castile from 1474 to 1504. - Queen consort of Sicily since 1469. - Queen consort of Aragon since 1479. Most Relevant Facts: - 18 September 1468 is proclaimed Princess

Preparations for the first voyage of discovery

On May 12th, 1492 Christopher Columbus departed from Granada in the direction of Palos, a place chosen for the departure since the Cadiz port was practically collapsed by the departure of Jews decreed by the Catholic Kings few days before. The other reason it was chosen is because it was