Biography of Sebastián de Belalcázar.

Biografía de Sebastián de Belalcázar

Biography of Sebastián de Belalcázar Summary Family Panamá Nicaragua Perú Nueva Granada Pizarro's rebelion Residence trial and death Summary Sebastián Moyano y Cabrera or Sebastián de Belalcázar, born in the town of Belalcázar (Córdoba-Spain) in 1490, was a Spanish military officer, conquistador, explorer, adelantado and governor in the Indies. After settling in the

The black antispanish legend.

Leyenda Negra

Definition of black legend According to the Real Academia de la Lengua Española a legend is a "Narration of fantastic events that is transmitted by tradition" and going a little further a black legend is an "Unfavorable and generally unfounded story about someone or something". In the case we are dealing

The New Indias Law of 1542.

Portada de las Leyes Nuevas de Indias de 1542

The New Indian Laws of 1542 or "New Indian Laws and ordinances newly made by their majesty for the governorship of the Indies and good treatment and conservation of Indians" are a compilation of the legislation that has been applied in the New World since the beginning of the conquest.

Biography of the viceroy Antonio de Mendoza.

Virrey Antonio de Mendoza

Biography of the viceroy Antonio de Mendoza Location of birth: Antonio de Mendoza was born on September 12,1490 in Mondéjar (Guadalajara - Spain) Location of death: Antonio de Mendoza died on July 21,1552 in Lima (Virreinato del Perú). Positions held: - Commander of the Order of Santiago. - Councillor of the town hall and treasurer of the

Biography of Gonzalo Pizarro.

Gonzalo Pizarro

Biography of Gonzalo Pizarro Location of birth: Gonzalo Pizarro was born in 1510 in Trujillo (Cáceres - Spain) Location of death: Gonzalo Pizarro died on April 10,1548 in Cuzco, Peru. Positions held: - Governor of Quito from 1540 to 1542. - Lieutenant governor general of Cuzco in 1544. - Governor of Peru from 1544 to 1548. - Encomendero en