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The Conquest of California

The first colony founded by Spaniards in Californian territory was a small settlement near the present La Paz (Baja California - Mexico) by an expedition sent by Hernán Cortés in 1533 and captained by Fortún Jiménez. They thought the California was an island. Like most of this type of first

Colón arrested and jailed by Bobadilla

We leave Christopher Columbus with the concern of the arrival of Ojeda to the west coast of la Española. He sent his warden Francisco de Roldán to ask him for explanations and to invite him to take his feet off the island. What he didn't know is that other expeditions

In Search of the continent

We find ourselves to April 24th, 1494, the situation in La Hispaniola islad is calm, Columbus and his people have advanced by its interior and discovered indications of the existence of gold in abundance. The settlement of the Isabela is developing and the great initial problems are more or less

Disaster at Fuerte Navidad

On the night of November 27th, the Castilian ships anchored in front of the place where they had built the fort almost a year earlier in the Hispaniola island. The darkness made it impossible to see if there were any dangerous elements in the water, so they decided to wait