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Rebellion of Roldán (and III)

As I mentioned in the previous entry, Roldán's followers waited in the Xaragua for the caravels promised by the admiral to return to Castile, but they did not arrive until April 1499. This delay was due to a series of storms that they encountered on their way from Santo Domingo,

Rebellion of Roldán (II)

The two caravels led by Captain Pedro Hernández Coronel arrived in Santo Domingo on February 3th, 1498. They brought something that all Spaniards needed since a long time ago: news from Castile. And these supposed the strengthening of the authority of the Bartholomew Columbus with confirmation of his title and

Rebellion of Francisco de Roldán (I)

To the rebellions of Bernal Diaz de Pisa and de Pedro de Margarit we have to add a new one, and only in five years of Columbus rule. This time he was a trusted person of Cristopher Columbus, Don Francisco de Roldán, native of Torredonjimeno (Jaén-Spain). He worked in his

Treaty of Tordesillas, the distribution of the world

While Christopher Columbus was sailing in search of the firm land in Castile, one of the most important events in American history took place: the signing of the Treaty of Tordesillas. Need to delimit the areas of influence The Catholic Monarchs immediately needed to give juridical soundness to the discovery that was

La Isabela, first city of the New World

The second voyage of Columbus to the New World was terribly disappointed to find the Fuerte Navidad destroyed and his men killed by the natives. Columbus thought that when they arrived they would find much of the work already done: establishing economic and personal relations with the natives, searching for