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Biography of Francisco Pizarro

Biography of Francisco Pizarro Summary Family and youth Santo Domingo and Tierra Firme Conqueest of the Perú Diego de Almagro Death Historical significance Summary Francisco Pizarro was a Spanish conquistador, politician and marquis born in Trujillo (Cáceres-Spain) between 1478 and 1483 into a noble family. At a very young age he moved to

Bartholomew Columbus, the admiral’s younger brother

Born: 1461 in Genoa, Italy? Death: 1514 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Burial: San Francisco Monastery in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Charges: - Navigator, discoverer and cartographer. - Adelantado of the Indies and governor of Spain. Most relevant facts: - He toured several European courts seeking support for Christobal Columbus project. - He battled on the Spanish island