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Santo Domingo de Guzmán

- Founding date: 1498. - Founder: Bartholomew Columbus, brother of the Admiral. - Category: Capital of the Dominican Republic. - Current population: 3,000,000 inhabitants. - The Spaniards settlers in their quest to find gold mines moved from the Isabela to the south across the island of Hispaniola and found several of these

Bartholomew Columbus, the admiral’s younger brother

Born: 1461 in Genoa, Italy? Death: 1514 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Burial: San Francisco Monastery in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Charges: - Navigator, discoverer and cartographer. - Adelantado of the Indies and governor of Spain. Most relevant facts: - He toured several European courts seeking support for Christobal Columbus project. - He battled on the Spanish island