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Contour of Cuba sailed by Sebastián de Ocampo

It's the year 1508. Once the political and economic situation normalized in the Hispaniola island Nicolás de Ovando ordered to extend the borders of the new Castilian lands sending expeditions to Cuba and Borinquén (now Puerto Rico). For the first expedition, he sent the Galician navigator Sebastian de Ocampo. On this

Juan de la Cosa, first cartographer of America

Born: 1450-1460 in Santoña, Cantabria - Spain. Death: 28 February 1510 in Turbaco ( present Colombia). Burial: Unknown. He died when he was wounded by poisoned arrows fired by the natives of this Colombian area. Charges: - Spanish navigator, cartographer and adventurer. - Spy for the Spanish crown in Portugal. - Appointed Mayor Marshal of Urabá but

More voyages of discovery… Andalusian journeys

In addition to that first voyage of Alonso de Ojeda and Juan de la Cosa in 1499, several expeditions, called minor or Andalusian journeys, promoted by the crown but financed by private capital whose objective was to recognize and to trade in the coasts travelled by Columbus in his third

Rábida Monastery, cradle of the Discovery of America

Rábida Monastery Where is it?: The Monastery of La Rábida is located in the city of Palos de la Frontera (Huelva - Spain). Description: - It is a small Franciscan monastery located in Palos de la Frontera, (Huelva - Spain), on the top of a hill next to the joint of the Tinto and

Juan de Oñate and the Conquest of New Mexico

In the sixties of the sixteenth century were found large silver mines in Chihuahua, which marked the northernmost area colonized by Spanish explorers. The possibility of more mines and other riches beyond this area aroused the curiosity and ambition of new explorers. But a new problem had arisen for these