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The Conquest of California

The first colony founded by Spaniards in Californian territory was a small settlement near the present La Paz (Baja California - Mexico) by an expedition sent by Hernán Cortés in 1533 and captained by Fortún Jiménez. They thought the California was an island. Like most of this type of first

The conquest of Texas, the missions

We go to the middle of the 17th century. Until then, the territory that currently occupies the state of Texas did not attract the attention of the nearby Spaniards in Virreinato de Nueva España. It was a hard territory, complicated and there were the Comanche Indians who were not exactly

The peaceful conquest

In 1573, the King of Spain Philip II approved a package of laws known as the Ordinances of discoveries, new population and pacification of the Indies that changed the way in which the new lands of Las Indias had to be conquered and populated. Before violent conquest was allowed, now

Spanish conquest and colonization of North America

There is very little literature on such a magnificent event as the Spanish conquest and colonization of North America. And much less about the experience and work of a few Spaniards who, like many others, in their search for new opportunities and a better life, ventured further north to Cuba