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Preparations for the first voyage of discovery

On May 12th, 1492 Christopher Columbus departed from Granada in the direction of Palos, a place chosen for the departure since the Cadiz port was practically collapsed by the departure of Jews decreed by the Catholic Kings few days before. The other reason it was chosen is because it was

Christopher Columbus in Barcelona

Before arriving Christopher Columbus in Spain he was already thoroughly preparing how to expose his supposed successes in his journey of discovery of the new routes to Indias. To this end, he began by writing letters to his main sponsors: the Catholic Kings, to the notary public, the scribe Luis

Christopher Columbus’ project

The Cristobal Columbus was none other than to find a new route that reached the coasts of the Asian continent by sailing westwards, that is, crossing the Atlantic Ocean, in those times better known as the Oceans Sea or the Dark Sea. Fall of Constantinople The reason for the search for these

Christopher Columbus’ fifth and final voyage

Christopher Columbus made up to four trips before 1506 between Castile and the newly discovered territories. The first of these trips was the one known by all of Discovery in which they departed from Palos de La Frontera on August 3th, 1492 with 3 ships and 100 crew members returning

In Search of the continent

We find ourselves to April 24th, 1494, the situation in La Hispaniola islad is calm, Columbus and his people have advanced by its interior and discovered indications of the existence of gold in abundance. The settlement of the Isabela is developing and the great initial problems are more or less

Disaster at Fuerte Navidad

On the night of November 27th, the Castilian ships anchored in front of the place where they had built the fort almost a year earlier in the Hispaniola island. The darkness made it impossible to see if there were any dangerous elements in the water, so they decided to wait

Columbus’ second journey to America

The fleet of seventeen ships departed from the bay of Cádiz at dawn of September 25th,1493, heading for the Canary Islands where they had planned to make a stop to replenish water, feed and collect some animals. On October 2th they arrived in Gran Canaria and on October 5th they