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Biography of Carlos I of Spain and V of Germany

Biography of Carlos I Location of birth: Carlos I was born on February 24th,1500 in Ghent, Flanders, Holy Roman Empire Germanic. Location of death: Carlos I died on September 21th,1558 in the Monastery of Yuste (Cuacos de Yuste - Spain). Positions held: - In 1515 he was appointed governor of the states of the Habsburg House:

Fernando II of Aragon, the Catholic King

Nacimiento: March 10th,1452 in Sos (Zaragoza, Spain). Death: 23 January 1516 in Madrigalejo (Cáceres, Spain). Charges: - King of Aragon from 1479 to 1516. - King of Castile between 1474 and 1504. - Regent of Castile after the death of his wife Isabel I of Castile between 1504 and 1516. - King of Sicily and Naples