Diego Columbus, son of the Admiral

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Retrato de Diego Colón junto a su padre Cristóbal Colón
Retrato de Diego Colón junto a su padre Cristóbal Colón

Born: Diego Columbus born in Porto Santo (Portugal) in 1479 or 1480.

Death: Diego Columbus died in 1526 in La Puebla de Montalbán (Toledo-Spain).



– Admiral and Governor of Indies in 1509 and Viceroy in 1511 by order of the Royal Council.

– Son of the discoverer Christopher Columbus from whom he inherited his positions and rights.

– Paje of Prince Don Juan, son of the Catholic Monarchs, during his childhood and later also of reina Isabel I la Católica.

Most relevant facts:

– He arrived in Santo Domingo in July 1509.

– He sent expeditions of exploration and conquest to Cuba (Diego Velázquez) and Jamaica (Juan de Esquivel) expanding the area of influence of the Castilian crown.

– He carried out a general Indian Distribution in 1511 modifying the previously assigned by Nicolas de Ovando, which provoked dissension between the colonists and the new arrivals.

– It boosted mining operations and agricultural production, above all by supporting the creation of sugar mills.

– He sued with the Spanish crown for the rights inherited from his father, are the famous Columbian lawsuits.

Other data of interest:

– He married María de Toledo, daughter of Fernando de Toledo, lord of Villorias and granddaughter of the first Duke of Alba.

– The Spanish Crown did not believe excessively in him, so they tried at all times to keep him under control through the king’s trusted officials.

– He introduced the Spanish nobility in America.

– For his policy of favouring his friends, he caused the division of Spanish society on the island into two camps: the hidalgos in his favor and the realists against him, who were mostly ovandist.

– His government consisted of two periods: 1509-1515 and 1520-1523

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