Juan Rodríguez de Fonseca, the head of the New World in Castile.

Born: 1451 in Toro - Zamora (Spain) Death: 1524 in Burgos (Spain) Burial: Santa Marí­a la Mayor Church in Coca - Segovia (Spain) Charges: - Politics: Diplomat and advisor of the Catholic Monarchs, from 1493 onwards, he will manage the entire colonization process of the New World. - Religion: royal chaplain, archdeacon, canon and dean

Nicolás de Ovando, new governor and supreme judge of the Indies.

On September 3th,1501, taking only one year in power Don Francisco de Bobadilla, the Catholic Monarchs decided to dispense with their services and name the commendator of Lares Frey Nicolás de Ovando governor of Indias and Tierra Firme, except for the two governorates granted to Alonso de Ojeda (Coquibacoa) and Vicente Yáñez

Biography of Francisco Pizarro.

Biografía de Francisco Pizarro

Location of birth: Francisco Pizarro was born on March 16th,1478 in the city of Trujillo (Cáceres-Spain). Location of death: Francisco Pizarro died on June 26th,1541 in his house in Lima (Peru) killed by supporters of Almagro el Joven. His remains are currently in the cathedral of Lima (Peru). Exercised charges: - Explorator and conquistador of

Religious unity: the expulsion of Jews.

At the end of the 15th century in Spain, the three great monotheistic religions coexisted together: Christianity, Judaism and Islamism. The conditions imposed on Muslims after losing the war of Granada allowed them to maintain their cults and customs in a climate of supposed religious tolerance. However, not only was