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Biography of Francisco de Vitoria

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Francisco de Vitoria
Francisco de Vitoria

Biography of Francisco de Vitoria

Location of birth:

Francisco de Vitoria was born on 1492 in Burgos (Spain).

Location of death:

Francisco de Vitoria died in August 12th,1546 in Salamanca (Spain).

Positions held:

– Professor of Theology in Paris and Valladolid.

– Càtedra de Prima of the University of Salamanca in 1523.

Most relevant facts starring Francisco de Vitoria:

– He studied Arts and Theology in Paris.

– He carried out numerous studies on law and the moral aspects of economics through the Salamanca School.

– In law he analyzed the sources and limits of the civil and ecclesiastical powers. He wrote about the right of peoples whereby all human beings are bearers of universal rights.

– He participated with Bartolomé de las Casas in advising Carlos I for the drafting of the New Indian Laws of 1542.

– He studied the Righteous Titles by which Castile justified the legitimacy of Conquest of America and sought a justification based on the good treatment of the indigenous and respect for their rights.

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