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Frey Nicolás de Ovando

Nacimiento: Brozas (Cáceres  - Spain) 1460. Death: 29 May 1511 in Seville. Burial: St. Benedict of Alcantara Church (Cáceres - Spain) Charges: - Prince John's preceptor until his death in 1497. - Major Commander of the Orden of Alcantara in 1494. - Governor of the Hispaniola Government from 1502 to 1509. Most relevant facts: - He founded

The Granada war (II)

In 1484 Cordoba became the centre of operations of the Castilian armies in the Granada War. These armies had a magnificent organization that covered their most important needs, such as the supply, maintenance of artillery pieces, a true military health service where wounded soldiers, military engineers, pontoneros and masons who

The Granada War (I)

O After the reign of Henry IV, in which there were no great advances in the so-called Reconquest, the Catholic Monarchs re-launched the project of defeating the Muslims and religiously unifying the Iberian peninsula. After approximately eight hundred years of hostilities and periods of peace, the Nazari­es ruled in the south-southeastern part