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Contour of Cuba sailed by Sebastián de Ocampo

It's the year 1508. Once the political and economic situation normalized in the Hispaniola island Nicolás de Ovando ordered to extend the borders of the new Castilian lands sending expeditions to Cuba and Borinquén (now Puerto Rico). For the first expedition, he sent the Galician navigator Sebastian de Ocampo. On this

Rodrigo de Bastidas biography

Nacimiento: Sevilla (Spain) in 1445. Death: July 28,1527 in Santiago de Cuba. He died from the wounds sustained in an attack on him by his lieutenant general, Pedro de Villafuerte, in Santa Marta. Returning to Santo Domingo to heal the winds, they took him to Santiago de Cuba where he died. Burial:

Alonso de Ojeda, unmatched courage and audacity

Nacimiento: 1468 in Cuenca, Spain. Death: 1515 in Santo Domingo, Hispaniola Island (present Dominican Republic). Burial: San Francisco Monastery in Santo Domingo (present Dominican Republic). Although his remains disappeared during a civil war that took place in this city in 1965. They are currently unaccounted for. Charges: - Captain in the war of Granada. -

Santo Domingo devastated by a hurricane

On July 2th,1502, the storm that Christopher Columbus had predicted and warned to Nicolas de Ovando its arrival at Hispaniola Island during his Fourth trip to the New World get Santo Domingo. He had taken refuge in the Azua port, about 100 km further west of Santo Domingo, almost in Jaragua. Being able to

Frey Nicolás de Ovando

Nacimiento: Brozas (Cáceres  - Spain) 1460. Death: 29 May 1511 in Seville. Burial: St. Benedict of Alcantara Church (Cáceres - Spain) Charges: - Prince John's preceptor until his death in 1497. - Major Commander of the Orden of Alcantara in 1494. - Governor of the Hispaniola Government from 1502 to 1509. Most relevant facts: - He founded

Isabel of Castile Biography

Birth: April 22,1451 in Madrigal de las Altas Torres (Ávila, Spain). Death: November 26,1504 in Medina del Campo (Valladolid, Spain). Charges: - Queen of Castile from 1474 to 1504. - Queen consort of Sicily since 1469. - Queen consort of Aragon since 1479. Most Relevant Facts: - 18 September 1468 is proclaimed Princess

Diego Columbus, son of the Admiral

Born: Diego Columbus born in Porto Santo (Portugal) in 1479 or 1480. Death: Diego Columbus died in 1526 in La Puebla de Montalbán (Toledo-Spain).   Charges: - Admiral and Governor of Indies in 1509 and Viceroy in 1511 by order of the Royal Council. - Son of the discoverer Christopher Columbus from whom he inherited

The peaceful conquest

In 1573, the King of Spain Philip II approved a package of laws known as the Ordinances of discoveries, new population and pacification of the Indies that changed the way in which the new lands of Las Indias had to be conquered and populated. Before violent conquest was allowed, now

Juan de Oñate and the Conquest of New Mexico

In the sixties of the sixteenth century were found large silver mines in Chihuahua, which marked the northernmost area colonized by Spanish explorers. The possibility of more mines and other riches beyond this area aroused the curiosity and ambition of new explorers. But a new problem had arisen for these